Tuesday, October 16, 2007

29th October

Our next meeting will take place on Monday 29th October, from 7.30-9pm in the upstairs seminar room at Darwin College. Hopefully everyone can find the way there by now!

We'll leapfrog a few more centuries, and tackle two Victorian texts: Lee will introduce chapter 4 from Thomas Hardy's Two on a Tower (1882) and Kelley will introduce George Meredith's "Meditation under stars" (1888).

I hope the discussion goes well...

'Stranger than Fiction' podcast

Elizabeth Green Musselman, Associate Professor of History at Southwestern University, has recently launched the Missing Link podcast. The first topic she deals with is 'Stranger than Fiction': the ways that science fiction has drawn inspiration from planetary science. A slightly different take on our astronomical theme!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Her Husband: Hughes and Plath

Cambridge University Centre for Gender Studies presents:

Prof. DIANE MIDDLEBROOK in Conversation with Prof. Juliet Mitchell on her
award winning biography 'Her Husband: Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, a

1-2.30pm, Wednesday 24th October
Jesus College, Upper Hall
Attendance is free and all are welcome!

Diane Middlebrook is Emeritus Professor of Literature at Stanford
University. Her latest book 'Her Husband', is a highly acclaimed account of
the marriage between Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes.

For more details on this, and all our events, visit: www.gender.cam.ac.uk

Brecht and Wittgenstein workshop

Workshop, Saturday 13 October

"Brecht and Wittgenstein"

Location: Richard Eden Suite, West Court, Herschel Road, Cambridge

11am: Screening of "Galileo", based on Charles Laughton's 1947 adaptation
of Brecht's play, directed by Joseph Losey, starring John Gilgud, Tom Conti
and Chaim Topol.

Break and snacks

1:30pm: Discussion and Presentations by
Michael Nedo
Richard Raatzsch
Martin Kusch

Everyone welcome.

For more information contact Dr Richard Raatzsch (rr334@cam.ac.uk).

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

15th October

We'll begin our discussions of Astronomers and Astronomy on Monday 15th October, with two literary classics:

  • Dante Alighieri, Purgatory (c. 1321), Canto 4 (Please select Edition Mandelbaum, Volume Purgatorio, Canto IV)

Due to the ongoing refurbishment works at Darwin College, I shall meet Reading Group attendees at 7.25pm outside the main entrance, to help negotiate the building site! The seminar runs from 7.30-9pm, after which we'll probably go for a drink in the College bar.

We hope to see you then!