Friday, November 14, 2008

Next term preview

Next term we shall be reading novels about the history of science. For a head-start on some of the themes we'll be discussing (and an introduction to some of the set books, too), have a look at the recent Isis focus section on history of science and historical novels:

Jan Golinski, 'Introduction: History of Science and Historical Novels'

Kathryn M. Olesko, 'The World We Have Lost: History as Art'

John Gascoigne, '"Getting a Fix": The Longitude Phenomenon'

Lawrence M. Principe, 'Transmuting History'

Charles C. Gillispie, 'The Distorted Meridian'

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Margaret D. said...

Readers looking for historical novels on particular themes or set in particular times and places may find useful. It lists over 3500 historical novels, categorized by time and place, with brief comments about subject matter. Over 60 reviews have been posted, as well.