Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Conference – The Open Ground: Biodiversity, Science, and the Imagination

Necessities of Conservation · Biodiversity & the Imagination · Biodiversity Futures

Bringing together the sciences and literary arts onto common ground to debate ways of mitigating the current biodiversity crisis.

Featuring an environmental art exhibition as part of the Royal Society of Arts Respond arts and ecology month.

Due to climate change, human development and other factors, it has been estimated that up to 22% of all living species may become extinct this century. Before humanity can properly tackle this impending extinction crisis, we must first consider exactly what this loss means, and reconsider how and why we place values on the natural world - be these aesthetic, economic, historical, ethical or sacred. By inviting together distinguished scientists and literary thinkers, this exciting event sets out to examine, through presentations and panel discussions, some of the most pressing concerns to wildlife conservation: exactly what species we should conserve, how we perceive the concept of biodiversity, and the potential future challenges we face in sustaining biodiverse life.

Saturday 20th June 2009, 10am-6pm

@BASH studios, 65-71 Scrutton St, London EC2A 4PJ

Featuring discussions with:

Ruth Padel award-winning poet, author of Darwin - a Life in Poems

John Fa Director of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Caspar Henderson award-winning environmental journalist

Armand Leroi BBC presenter, evolutionary development scientist

Melanie Challenger poet & former Writer in Residence for the British Antarctic Survey

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