Tuesday, January 12, 2010

18th January

Join us from 7.30-9pm in a slightly different venue - room G03 in the Mary Allan Building, Homerton College - for the first Science and Literature Reading Group meeting of term.

We begin our exploration of alchemy and chemistry with: selections from Elias Ashmole (ed.), Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum (London: 1652). Reprinted as No. 39 of The Sources of Science by Johnson Reprint Corporation, New York & London, 1967.  This is available online at http://dewey.library.upenn.edu/sceti/printedbooksNew/index.cfm?textID=ashmole (Note that pp. 281-288 are misnumbered in the printed text.)  We will look at  "Pearce the Black Monke upon the Elixir" (pp. 269-274) "The Breviary of Naturall Philosophy.  Compiled by the unlettered Scholar Thomas Charnock" (pp. 291-303 in the printed text; 287-303 online) "The Vision of Sr George Ripley" (pp. 374)

All welcome!

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