Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Conference - Approaches to Art and Science after Berenson

A conference in honour of Martin Kemp

On Friday 22 October 2010, Ms Gheri Sackler  and the Leonardo da Vinci Society will host at
St. John's College Oxford and the Ashmolean  Museum a conference on the relationship between
scientific models in nature and the theory and practice of art. It will address results of forty
years of cross-disciplinary approaches to the histories of art and science. The main reason for
this conference is to honour Emeritus Professor Martin Kemp, a former Hon. President of the
Leonardo da Vinci Society, who retired from the University of Oxford in 2008.

The programme includes:
  • Mr David Hockney, CH, RA: Reflections on the Lost Techniques of Old Masters
  • Prof Frank Zöllner (Universität Leipzig): Automimesis -The History of an Idea
  • Prof Donald Preziosi (University of Calfornia, Los Angeles): Pausanias' Polygnotus and the Parallax of Parnassos
  • Prof Claire Farago (University of Colorado): The Artless Art of Leonardo's Treatise on Painting, c. 1570
  • Prof Francesca Fiorani (University of Virginia): Leonardo's Shadows
  • Prof Domenico Laurenza (Museo Galileo, Florence): Sixteenth Century Anatomical Drawings & Prints. How Scientists were indebted to Artists: New Evidence
  • Mr Francis Wells (Papworth Hospital, Cambridge): The Accuracy and Modern Relevance of Leonardo's Anatomical Studies of the Heart
  • Dr J. V. Field (Birkbeck, University of London): Panofsky on Perspective
  • Prof Philip Steadman (University College, London): 2D to 3D: Adventures with Martin Kemp in Reconstructing the Space of Paintings

Registration forms and further information available here: http://www.bbk.ac.uk/hosted/leonardo

The Leonardo da Vinci Society http://www.bbk.ac.uk/hosted/leonardo

Posted on behalf of the organisers, Matthew Landrus and Juliana Barone
, to whom any queries should be addressed.

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