Friday, July 06, 2018

Conference - The Visual Worlds of the Royal Society

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Monday 16 July 2018

Sachiko Kusukawa (University of Cambridge): Welcome & Introduction

Alexander Marr (University of Cambridge): William Sanderson's Criticism and Copying

Matthew Walker (University of New Mexico): Oblivious to the Ancient and Moderns? The Royal Society and John Evelyn's Translation of Fréart's Parallel

Rebekah Higgitt (University of Kent): The Making of a Medal: The Iconography and Manufacture of the Royal Society's Copley Medal c. 1736-1742

Henrietta McBurney Ryan (University of Cambridge): Mark Catesby and the Royal Society

Sietske Fransen (University of Cambridge): Netherlandish Influences on the Visual World of the Royal Society

 Kate Bennett (University of Oxford): John Aubrey's Prospects

Karin Leonhard & Elisa von Minnigerode (Universität Konstanz): John Finch. A Lynx with a Knife

Spike Bucklow (Hamilton Kerr Institute Cambridge): The Paston Treasure


Tuesday 17 July 2018

Andrew Burnett (British Museum): 'They found a great quantity of Roman money'. Institutions and Coin Collecting in the 17th Century

Frances Hughes (University of Cambridge): Visual Discernment in the Calligraphy Collection of Samuel Pepys

Katherine M. Reinhart (University of Cambridge): Institutional Image-Makers: Richard Waller and Claude Perrault

Katy Barrett (Science Museum): George Gabb 'The Physical Laboratory of the Académie des Sciences' and Unpicking the Visual Worlds of the Royal Society

 Felicity Henderson (University of Exeter): Closing Remarks

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